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Oldest Loire Vinyard?
Many winedrive vineyards can trace their history back through the centuries, but one of our listings from the Loire dates back to 500BC. It is in the small village of Quincy, not far from the Sancerre and Pouilly-sur-Loire regions. Described as 'drinkable, fresh and fruity', Quincy wines are considered one of the Loire's most elegant, yet are priced from just €6.70.

Other recent listings include award winning Bordeaux wines made from organic or organically grown grapes, and an English owned vineyard in Gascony producing fine Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascone wines and Floc de Gascogne from just €3.75 to fine Bas-Armagnac at €8.75 to €744.00 for 1.5ltr, 1929 vintage.

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UK tax on wine now the highest in Europe....
Buy a £5 bottle of wine in the UK and 53% of the cost is Duty and Vat - you are giving the taxman £2.65 on every bottle. Take off retailer and merchant’s margins, shipping, packaging and marketing, the wine itself is worth less than a pound.

But just a short ferry trip across the Channel, your equivalent £5.00 bottle contains wine worth more than £4.90 after tax. So if you want quality wine without spending a fortune, use our lists and buy direct from the producer.

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Visiting France?
Then use the unique lists in Premier Pages to read about the French wine growers. Use our routes and directions to plan your holiday, visit the vineyards and taste wines with the people who made them and pick up a few cases at low French prices.

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car with wine bottles If you don't want to drive around with a car load of wine, ask the vineyard to ship it to Calais and pick it up on the way home.

Our vineyards produce some of the finest examples of their appellations - from Aloxe-Corton to Vacqueyras - and we take no commission, so our lists are truly independent. The savings from just the first few bottles from WineDrive vineyards will more than cover membership, so if you love great wine, click Join Winedrive Now!

Plus routes - holiday rentals - travel news
Choose from 115 vineyards and 1,000 wines, then get directions to the vineyards. There are over 140 downloadable routes from the Channel ports, tourist guides and French history plus gite and cottage rentals, hotels and ferry discounts - it's all here! Use the links on this page to go straight to the most comprehensive on-line information resource for visitors to the French wine regions.

Members have access to our Premier Pages lists of award winning wines with a history and pedigree which will set them apart on your table. We take you to vineyards which have existed since Roman times, French chateaux dating from the Crusades and producers whose ancestors go back many centuries.

No other online wine club brings you so much information about travel and wine in France. Our lists are constantly up-dated and our Travel News pages will help you avoid hold-ups and problems. We want you to enjoy France and its wine and have a safe, stress free journey, so Join Winedrive Now!

Fine wines from vineyards in the French wine regions with detailed routes to find them. There's information about the vineyards of France, its wine, history and travel in France, plus wine and travel news, holiday / vacation gite and cottage property rentals, hotels and cheap fares for your ferry to France.

Find perfect wines for your taste at the best prices and plan your holiday around the vineyards of France before leaving home




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